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About Demons

Angels are invisible people that have the ability to read your thoughts and feelings better than you can. There are Holy angels which rank at number 3, and fallen angels ranking at the bottom at number 4. We are before them at number 2. Our Lord of course is number 1.

When all the angels found out that God had plans to make us better than them and in His image, one third of them became furious and inside-out pocketed the devil out of heaven. There’s actually more to it such as the devil being violently tossed out of heaven by the arch angel Michael resembling a bolt of lightning, hence the term, fell from the sky or fallen angels, but we’re not going to get into details. It’s all in the Bible. Just as I tell everyone, read it very carefully if you want answers. Even preachers think that the devil and his curtain climbers can’t read your thoughts but it never says that in the Bible, not once. It only says that “man” can’t. Anyhow, fallen angels are not in hell, they’re right here in our houses with you, with our kids, in your bathroom, watching you think, enjoying your beautiful privacy. In fact, no one has ever been to hell except for the very few that God chose to have a glimpse. It’s being kept nice and warm for our earth’s ruler, satan and his demons. You are more than welcome to follow. All you have to do is enjoy your life.

Demons have no right to pick on you if you have no bad intentions, and I mean you can’t even fool them because they are desperately searching your heart and mind for them. They’ll leave you alone if you’re headed for hell if they don’t see you putting any effort in making a change to be a better person. Why should they. They’ll leave you alone if you’re a great person with a lot of spiritual faith. I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re just dying to kill you because faithful people are bigger targets but they can’t because God won’t let them. They’ll become impatient and flee. On the other hand, if you’re getting tired of your bad evil ways and decide to make an honest change then you’ll be spinning heads in no time and before you know it you’ll have a demon move right on in to your private loving life. They’ll try hard not to lose you until they’re absolutely sure that they’ve lost you for good.

How Demons Look

All demons are like invisible people but can sometimes take forms that resemble the shadow of a human, animal, or a bird flying around. Demons are spirits, therefore, they don’t have hands, feet, eyes, noses, etc. In rare circumstances, they can even take form of a human being. This all depends on the situation you put yourself in.

They’re counterfeits, copycats, and bootlegs, and therefore, mimic everything in the kingdom such as taking forms of light. That is, light in all shapes and sizes giving you the impression of a Holy angel or even a UFO. They aim for your soft spot and they’ll hit it hard enough to convince you.

How Demons Sound

They sound as if someone’s talking about you on the other side of a very thin wall. That’s the very first sign. Demons have split personality. This means they respond to themselves in different voices and they all sound like ordinary people. That’s evil. They can use as many voices as they please. They can also mimic any voice in the world as well and can use them at any distance anywhere around you.

You can distinguish humans from demons by their echos – demons don’t have them when they seem far.

The parrot outside that mocks the words in your thoughts is a really good example of how good they are at mimicking any voice. At this point, I was in the beginning stages when I thought it was the government. I was thinking “wow, they have some good technology”. I became fascinated, and I mean I was amazed. “How could any organization be this advanced far beyond this world!” Oh my how it makes so much sense now…because it was the devil.

Now you understand what an angel is?

The Things Demons Say

DO NOT BE FOOLED BY DEMONS. They WILL try to make you think they’re helping you with your problems. That’s the way they work and they’re very patient. They’ll do things that’ll take effect in your mind years down the road so when you think back you’ll say to yourself, “um, they’re probably just helping me out.” REMEMBER, they want you DEAD along with your family so don’t fall for that “you’re awesome, I like you” crap. They fooled me and they’ll fool you if you let them. It took me 6 years to figure them out. This is your shortcut.

You’re powerful

We’re gonna kill you


You’re the best one

He’s a favorite

Yup, you love fucking with demons

You see (this one’s their favorite – the devil’s an accuser)

I’m recording the shit out of this one (and indeed they can, but in their own memory – useless)

I love the shit out of this one

It’s over

He’s innocent

That’s it

All night long

He’s a miracle

Fuck that shit

That’s evil

He’s stupid

Pobrecito (poor baby in spanish)

Accidents happen for a reason

There he comes (repeatedly, to play with your thoughts)

You’re going down

That won’t work

That works

Play it off

I’m over it

I’m over his shit


Hook him up

Vavoso (dumb-ass in spanish)

Forget it

He’s amazing

He’s a genius

We can’t help this fool

Fuck this shit

We’re gonna keep him

Don’t believe him

This is the first time

You’re not gonna make it

God don’t have sh** on me

F*** God

I’m just playing with your mind, man

Push it out (referring to your thought that you’re trying to hide)

I don’t know about this one

He’s promising

He’s better

You’re simple

He’s holding a secret


He wants him stronger

That’s a beautiful mind

Let him go

It’s getting obvious

Your falling down

I’m falling in love with this one

I hate it when he does that shit


That’s the way I like him


He lost his confidence

We want to play with your confidence

He almost had it

I’m tired of this shit

You’re nervous

He’s worth it

He’s got talent

You won’t make it like that

He’s saved

They’re all the same

That’s too much for him

He’s lucky

We got a miracle

He’s enjoying the shit out of his fucking life, that’s bullshit

Help us

You have a fucking beautiful mind

This one’s powerful

First timers are lucky


I’m done with him

We’re letting you go

Fuck it

You’re harder than the last one

Come with me

You’ll make good money with us

It’s not fair


I have a question

He’s incredible with God

I can’t stand this fool

He’s in love with God

God’s good to him

All for nothing

He’s a fighter

He never gives up

We have fun with the hardest one

He has the biggest imagination

Those fucking geniuses, man

We made him harder

He’s incredible with kids, I can’t stand it

I can’t stand his kids

This one’s smart

He’s fucking innocent the whole time, man

He feels guilty for nothing

He’s the smartest one

I can’t solve this one

I’ve never seen anyone succeed like this before

This mother fucker slowed us down

The devil loves you better like that

You’re in love with your demons

He passed it

I feel guilty

I made him think I felt guilty

God closed the door on you a long time ago

You’re the demon

He’s a survivor

He plays with the devil

He’s so creative

He’s special to God

We arrested your Jesus

We saved him

We fucked with the worst one

He’s wonderful with people

I’m proud of you

Your God is sick

I’m sorry I can’t help it he’s making money

I’ve never seen anything like this before

We’re powerless over his God

I’m gonna fucking kill myself


We’re outta here – it helps him – play with his mind

He’s not better

We’re having a problem with his magical God

He’s an accident

I can’t break this one

Your difficult, I don’t know why but your fucking difficult

You have security up the ass

You’re just using Him (referring to Jesus)

We’re just trying to help you out

This list is here to help you guys out with how these bugs act. I wish someone had a page like this back when I thought it was the government – I wouldn’t have wasted so much time trying to figure it out. I would’ve been baptized years ago!

About Ghosts

The world is mislead by the many stories about hearing lost relatives and ghosts in haunted houses – they’re so blind! It says it right there in the Bible that once you die your soul is then rested in the ground until judgement day. It cannot be awaken by anyone or any demon. Demons can trick you into thinking that you’re hearing a past loved one. They’ll even move items around in front of you to give you the impression that it’s great grandma etc.

Demon’s can mimic any voice in the world and they WILL trick you.

Summoning A Demon

It says it in the Bible that if you search for evil, evil will find you so you’ll have no problem summoning a demon. I never believed in all this witchcraft and spells and demons crap until I found out these voices were demons. I don’t advise it. You’ll be stuck forever, and I mean you’ll be stuck forever.

Mind Reading

It took me months to figure out that demon’s could read your mind. They can see and hear every subconscious thought, sound, word, image, etc. as if they’re part of your mind. This misleads many to believe that they’re crazy and schizophrenic.


How Demons Trick You

The biggest most confused theory of all time is the government! It took me five years to figure that one out! Many “targeted individual” websites out there are useless because they’re blaming technology instead of the devil. They’re so blind! I completely understand why everyone is blaming all that v2k government crap – because they all think they’re not evil enough. It’s not about how evil you are, it’s about the devil keeping you from changing. They’ve been doing this for yeeeaaars, about 10,000. One demon talks to itself in different voices just so you can think many people are talking about you. That’s why you’ll never hear them talk at the same time. They use your thoughts to bring your worries to life. One example is thinking maybe your ex could be in on it. If they see that it bothers you then they’ll start using your exes voice as if she’s there with them. Another example is the government. Suddenly people think that it may be the government so the demon will definitely make you believe it.


Notes for later

They’ll try to keep you from learning or from anything that makes you better. One exception is being around certain groups of people at work – some jobs help more than others. If God knows that you’re helping yourself in the right way, He’ll yank the choke collar

Accomplishing tasks is so much more difficult

Scratching on the wall

Footsteps on stairs and knocking underneath the floor below you

God will never put you through more than you can handle – He’s handling them!

Sometimes I love hearing them fail and waste time on me! I don’t wish this upon anyone

They can’t touch you when they’re waiting for you to kill yourself

Demons act stupid and smart at the same time

Reverse psychiatry to make you believe they’re helping you. God’s helping you. Demons want the credit.

They say they don’t believe you so you can explain for nothing

September 10th, 2016 was the first time I heard Jesus’ voice in church – very different than a demon’s voice

They want to kill themselves but they can’t and it bothers them



Demons walk in your house all day long, they just want you to be annoyed. God’s cleaning you up. Once you learn self control, they can’t bother you – no one can

One sounds like many so don’t think there are more than 1. You’ll hear voices taking turns, never at the same time

They say they like you but they’re good at deceit – they really want you, your family, and every devil worshiper they recruit to burn because God made us better


I made this website to help everyone realize what they’re really dealing with our there. The spiritual world is real. I’m sure you guys believe it now because I know you hear it every minute of every day. Remember, you thought it was impossible to change when you asked God for help, well now you definitely know how wrong you were and now it’s time for you to get the devil out of your life or he’ll get the best of you like he did with all those that gave up and killed themselves.


Send us a message and we’ll get you through it. There are many things you can do at the spurt of the moment when your being attacked. Just let us know.